Sapphire Office:
18815 Rosman Highway (US 64)
Sapphire, NC 28774
(828) 966-9209

Our Agents

Mary Coker
Cell Phone: 828.553.2523

Paul Wilander
Cell Phone: 828.577.1666

Brevard Office Agents

Catherine Craven
Cell Phone: 843.452.9454

Charlie Hardy

Working Exclusively With Buyers
Cell: 828.337.6500

Demi Loftis
Cell Phone: 828.553.8192

Jason Shepherd
Cell Phone: 828.423.9010

Leslie Libby
Cell Phone: 828.553.6936

Rich Libby
Cell Phone: 828.553.6935

Rick Daniel
Cell Phone: 828.384.1922

Each office is independently owned and operated.